Medal Of Honor Is ‘More Real’ Than Modern Warfare 2

This is a bit more of a show and tell affair, learn with your eyes. But here’s just a few bits of writing so you realise what on Earth I am talking about. I’m going to contrast Medal of Honor with Modern Warfare 2, not gameplay/multiplayer but just the general feel of the game. Know what I’m talking about? It’s why God of War and Dante’s Inferno have at least that wide gap between them. This isn’t to suggest Dante’s Inferno is a rip-off of God of War, it is but it does it so damn well, or to suggest Medal of Honor rips off Modern Warfare 2. This article is here to state that Medal of Honor is more ‘Modern Warfare’ than ‘Modern Warfare 2’ itself.

I think I’ll let the videos do the talking. Here is the ‘Leave a Message’ trailer for Medal of Honor.

There’s already a difference right there. It feels more human than Modern Warfare, it feels more personal; it does something a bit more than Call of Duty ever could. Modern Warfare and its successor are both grounded in fictional or loose bases of countries. There’s hints of Iraq, Afghanistan and Russian places; but it avoid controversy (except the infamous Airport scene). It doesn’t really delve into a complex real-life war, but it perfectly balances real weaponry with actual fiction. Medal of Honor, on the other hand, does the direct opposite in terms of setting. It’s set in Afghanistan, the developers actually interviewed Tier 1 – the elite group that went into Afghanistan to do ”work for no other unit can do”. You definitely get the vibe of actual war than a war epic that Modern Warfare is trying to tell.

Here’s the reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 2… over 1 year ago it came out. Woah how time flies.

There’s a GIANT leap from Medal of Honor, clearly shown. Modern Warfare 2 is a treat for the eyes, an absolute blockbuster of epic proportions. In my own terms, it out Michael-Bayed… Michael Bay himself. Without a doubt, the single-player campaign is perfectly the greatest war epic ever made. Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down are all just little ants compared to the thrill-ride that Modern Warfare 2 presents. I feel that it’s not weaker compared to Medal of Honor, it doesn’t even want to convey the thematics that Medal of Honor wants to go into.

Both games clearly have a step in a completely different direction. Modern Warfare 2 does a war epic to its finest, Medal of Honor we’ll have to see. I expect a ‘more real’ war, a human side full of morales and perhaps less flashy locations. I hope it takes the real black heart of modern warfare and shows us all what it really looks like. That’s not to say that the sugar of war isn’t meant to be ashamed of, I can’t wait for what they do with Modern Warfare 3. I hope it’ll be as epic and diverse as its predecessor.

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  • nightspd

    Have you PLAYED Battlefield Bad Company 2. Been lucky enough to play MOH Beta, BFBC2 Beta, MAG Beta and of course, Modern Warfare 2. Of all of them the only ones I bought were BFBC2 and Modern Warfare 2.

    MW2 has that arcade deathmatch feel which i enjoy from the old Quake 3 days, which you can still play via QuakeLive, so it’s tons of fun, but the perks are b.s. and disrupt the balance of the game terribly.

    BFBC2 however, IMPO, is a much better war simulator. Bear in mind i’m not talking about the single player cuz MW2 has most others beat on that front, but from a strictly multiplayer format, BFBC2 is the best hands down. Give it a try.

  • deathofcourage

    I will agree with that. The online community that makes up Bad Company 2 is far more team oriented and mature than the Modern Warfare 2 crowd.

    Myself personally, I would much rather be playing airsoft for a team based even rather than a video game.
    Its hard to get more “real” than milsim short of joining the military.

  • Jason

    This is totally awesome! I play this all the time. One of my buddies also got me into airsoft, and it’s cool because I can use the same guns they have in the game, and I can play live action. Check this site out, they have a lot of cool information.

  • Jeronimo

    Cool! I can’t wait to play this game. I usually do role playing with my friends with airsoft guns. We get all of them guns here AWESOME!!!!

  • kpernic

    I used to love that game before I started playing airsoft. I found a site that sells airsoft replicas from COD, check it out!