Socom 4 Delayed Until 2011

Hold your fire...for about another 6 months or so, please.

Bad news for all of you Socom die-hards out there. The newest title in the franchise, Socom 4 has been delayed for release until early 2011.

Naturally, the game’s developer, Zipper Interactive, isn’t being too obvious about giving us reasons for the delay. On the official Socom website, Zipper’s community manager, Jeremy Dunham, posted a blog stating:

While we’re certainly aware that you’ve been looking forward to playing SOCOM 4 this year, we don’t want to take any shortcuts. Instead, we want to deliver the best and most immersive SOCOM game we possibly can and we’re going to use our extra time to do just that.

Over the coming months, you can expect further updates on our 2011 release, in addition to other gameplay and feature announcements on the official SOCOM 4 blog, which can be found at

On behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, we want to thank you for being patient and thank you for sticking with us — it will be worth the wait.

There’s no denying that it’s definitely a bummer that Socom 4 has been delayed. Sony has been really pushing this game as a flagship title for their upcoming PlayStation Move controller, and especially towards those “hardcore” players who might be interested in using Move. It’s too soon to tell, but, this could potentially hurt initial sales for the controller.

I like Zipper Interactive, a lot. We can trust that they’ll use this time to really polish the hell out of Socom 4, to give us the game we’ve been waiting for. Hopefully this is not a sign that just about every game will be delayed until next Spring, like they were last year. While Zipper didn’t provide any exact reasons for the delay, I can imagine one, for sure.

And it rhymes with “Shmall of Shmuty: Shmack Shmops”


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