Star Hammer Tactics Review (PSP & PS3)

Game Review: Star Hammer Tactics
Release: July 2010
Blacklab Games
Available Platforms:
1 (Multiplayer via LAN)
ESRB Rating:

Set in the distant future, the human population is larger than ever and Earth can no longer sustain humanity. In order to survive the human race must now expand into the stars.

Star Hammer tactics is a turn based Strategy game much like Command and Conquer only without the annoyance of having to spend 30minutes collecting gold in order to build something useful. At the start of each round you are given a fleet of your usual starships. Some are weak but can travel long distances, others are more powerful but are a lot slower. On each turn you can decide where to move each ship, who to attack(when someone is in range) and where do you want to focus your ships power. Do you play aggressively and have all your power focused on your guns and thus leaving you weak against a counter attack? Or do you focus on defence and weaken your overall attack power?

In order to progress into the next round you must defeat all the enemies. However, they are not going to just sit and let you destroy them. They are equipped in much the same ways as you and have some advantages that you don’t(Usually you are outgunned, and your opponent can regain health between rounds)

The Game is annoyingly addictive, although the game-play never really changes, you will be amazed at how often you utter “Just one more round” There is also a very good story behind the shooting. You don’t need to know the backstory in order to play and enjoy the game but if you put in the effort you will be pleasantly surprised.

I found that the computers turn could often take 20-30seconds, which was a little longer than I would have wanted it to be. On more than one occasion I accidentally ended my turn without taking any action by pressing the wrong button. This could have easily been resolved by a little confirmation box.

I’m not usually a fan of strategy games, I prefer a little more instant gratification. Although I wouldn’t normally have bought a strategy game, I found this entertaining enough. It has just piqued my interest in a genre that I have long neglected.

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