Super Street Fighter IV 3D Screenshots (3DS)

Not seen the Nintendo 3DS in action yet ? Skeptical about the power under the hood of the next version of the highly successful Nintendo handheld?  Well maybe these screenshots will change your mind.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D is scheduled to be among the early titles that will be available for the 3DS when it hits the shelves and although you are missing out on the 3D effect by looking at flat 2D screenshots here, it’s hard not to be impressed with the graphics on view, especially when you remember that this is from a handheld gaming device.

The majors question for Street Fighter IV 3D will be around the control system but in the meantime, enjoy the eye candy of these 12 newly released shots.

The release date for SFIV 3D is still to be confirmed and you can be sure Platform Nation will bring you details when they are announced.

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