What Do You Fight For?

Feuds about video games have been going on since the first game was released. Some of us are so stuck to our guns that we have avoided friends, ticked off relatives and chewed-out people we don’t even know. For example, I will argue to the death that Final Fantasy X is the greatest game ever and there is no one on earth that can change my mind. What other arguements are out there?

Xbox 360 vs PS3– This will go on forever. No matter what happens, even if PS3 made some wicked change that makes you hate it, you will still argue to the death. Add in PC and Wii and this is a fight of massive proportions.

Pokemon is just for kids.  – I’ve always thought immediately of children when I see Pokemon but in all reality, there are a ton of adults that play in this series.

Sexiest video game character– This is an insane category, there are SO many choices and everyone seems to think their choice is the best. For male character I’ve seen Genesis from FF: Crisis Core, Desmond Miles from Assasins Creed, Nathan Drake in Uncharted, or Dante from Devil May Cry. The sexiest women cause even more controversy! They include characters like Bayonetta, Lilith from Borderlands, Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, or Miranda from Mass Effect 2. There are hundreds of articles about this subject and I have yet to see two of them that are the same.

– Wii does not count as a gaming system.– Not a very valid argument in my opinion, but it is out there.

– Final Fantasy XIII should not have been released for Xbox 360. – I’ll admit I was a bit pissy about this at first, but there are people still talking about it!

– Violence in video games. – This one could go on forever as well. Who’s fault is it really? Games or parents?

– Are video games an art? – I’ve heard more arguments on this subject in the past year than any other topic!

Is DLC helping the video game industry? Is it just another fad?

– What is the best shooter? – Modern Warfare? Halo?

Those are just a few of the mini-wars that happen between us gamers on a daily basis!

What do you fight for? Would you go to the ends of the earth for your argument?

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