Zombie Shock

What is better then getting free games for your Ipod touch how about free games that include Zombies. Normally Zombie Shock is 1.99 but thanks to the great site Free App A Day we get a full 24 hours to enjoy this game for free. If you have not heard of Free App A Day check out my article on them here Free App the site is great for Ipod touch, IPhone and Ipad owners.

Zombie Shock is the newest addition that looks to bring even more action to the zombie genre. The game has a story of why there are zombies explaining that the main character Abel developed a cure for AIDS, but there was a strain of the virus that mutated, which causes the zombie infection. Zombie Shock is a 2.5d side scroll type gameplay meaning you are able to move up and down on the screen. With more then 50 different stages in total 10 per environment each stage the zombie killing action will have you playing for hours. Each stage is capped at the end with a cherry in the form of different boss battles.

Weapons are abundant with six different types pistol, shotgun, machine gun, crossbow, and bazooka with each one having three upgrades each. Your status also has upgrades including upgrades including health, attack power, money earned, defense, and speed. Open Feint is also included allowing gamers to share high scores with friends. Controls for this type of game works very well with a joystick type control one to movi one to aim. Tapping on the screen allows the player to shoot zombies that are present on the screen.

The game is wonderfully designed with graphic novel type visuals and amazingly detailed zombies, and animations. Gameplay also keeps you on your toes with some RPG type gameplay style where you have to keep track of weapons and ammo. Mostly you just must keep your trigger finger ready aiming for the head being able to rack up high multipliers is your main goal.

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