Pilgrim’s Punch-Out Hits The App Store

Ready for Scott Pilgrim VS. The World? The movie adaptation of the comic book series hits theaters in mid-August, and the movie’s had a surprisingly big promotional run for a movie starring Michael Cera. One of the ways to get your Pilgrim on is the newly released Pilgrim’s Punch-Out on the iOS. In the game, you play as Scott Pilgrim, facing off against Romana’s seven evil exes in a game reminiscent of a certain other Punch-Out

Scott Pilgrim’s comic book run just ended weeks before the movie, and the whole series can be had in six volumes. Much cheaper than the volumes, the app is a free download. Additionally, the Scott Pilgrim VS. The World beat-em-up will hit PlayStation Network and Xbox Live later in August. Either way, everything Scott Pilgrim seems to fully embrace the retro-gaming mindset.

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