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Laser Shot’s Virtual Shoot House

Kotaku is running a special series this week called “Gun Week” in which they cover everything guns, including the first video game gun, a 103 second-long video on the history of getting shot, and finding out what game developers really know about firing guns. One article in particular caught my eye, and goodness gracious am […]

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MythBusters And Video Games

Do you watch MythBusters? If not, I hope you have a damn good reason because that is one of my favorite shows of all time. For everyone else, however, you’ll be familiar with the myths that they’ve covered (and busted) over the course of their 8 seasons. They’ve busted duct tape myths, viral video myths, […]

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Ask Warren Spector

You know Warren Spector, don’t you?
One of the godfathers of gaming? Wrote Deus Ex?
Yeah, that guy.
GameHounds will be meeting with Warren Spector about his latest project, Epic Mickey, and have face-to-face access to the big guy at this year’s PAX prime.
Yeah, we’re pretty excited, too.
So, it occurs to us, we wouldn’t be a community gaming […]

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