Character Of The Week – Bonk

Our character this week is brought to us by the way of publisher Hudson Entertainment he has made it big using his head. Our character starts his adventures on none other then the TurboGrafix-16. Later in his life he would journey on to the NES, Game Boy, Amiga, arcade systems under different titles (FC Genjin, GB Genjin and BC Genjin). He would soon find a home with Nintendo’s Virtual Console service and on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

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Bonk starts out on his adventure trying to save princess Za but is met with opposition from other dinosaurs trying to stop him. Bonk plays beatuifully as a 2D platformer giving gamers one amazing experience through his many adventures. King Drool is the main villain bent on stopping Bonk at all costs. Bonk from the start learns that his head can be used as a great weapon against his enemies by “bonking” them. (That’s what I call getting ahead in life) Bonk has set out on 3 very important adventures in his video game life. After much thought he has decided to take on a 4th adventure wanting the adventure to not end so soon.

Bonk: Brink of extinction will see Bonk return to his glory days through a Wiiware release along with also hitting the PSN and Xbox live market place reported to be hitting sometime in 2010. Bonk will return to glory not in his old 2D mode but will now be brought to life in a 3D rendered model. Also with him he will bring with him a local and online co-op mode letting players join forces to fight Bonk’s enemies.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Never got to play Bonk. This could be a great opportunity if hr comes to XBLA. 🙂