Deal Of The Week: Forza 3 DLC

Another week, another deal and this one is for the racing gamers out there. 5 DLC packs for Forza 3 are slashed in price from 400MSP to 240MSP each.

These deals are only available to Xbox Live Gold members and will be live later on today. So if your planning on picking up any of these, let us know below in the comments section.

Forza 3 Cars And Track Packs:

I for one think these are pretty good deals if your a fan of Forza 3, so why not do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some DLC.

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  • I would really love these deals of the week to be much lower then I’d be more inclined to buy many many more.

  • Yeah. I was going to buy these. But most of the car packs are filled with sloooooow cars and the good car packs aren’t in this deal so I think I may pass on buying these.