Kevin Butler Receives Apology Package From TV3

Kevin Butler is the (fictitious) VP Of Whatever Awesome Title at Sony. He’s easily been one of the best marketing plans by Sony in their gaming years, and greatness was naturally copied. TV3, a New Zealand television station, effectively copied one commercial for their own programming. This YouTube video makes it pretty obvious.

Early today on Twitter, the Kevin Butler character’s Twitter (remember, he’s just a character played by an actor… like how Stephen Colbert the character is separate from Stephen Colbert the actor) linked two photos. Apparently, TV3 sent an apology basket to Sony. Outside of some candy and Marmite, the complete Flight Of The Conchords is included. PS3 has also been declared the official console of Aotearoa.

I guess they hope Sony doesn’t sue them (can they even sue them?). It looks like fun was had by Sony from it, anyway.

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