Enhance Your Shepard With Mass Effect 2’s Firepower Pack

With Shepard’s latest operatic romp the Lair Of The Shadow Broker still carrying the tentative “coming soon,” Bioware has gone ahead and tried to satiate our (my) incredible hunger for all things Mass Effect with the release of another small bundle of downloadable sustenance.

The new Firepower Pack DLC contains 3 new weapons for your enjoyment:

* The Phalanx heavy pistol: It hits like “a hand cannon but features increased precision with its integrated laser sight”.

* The Mattock semi-automatic rifle: A deadly and accurate weapon that can “eliminate waves of enemies thanks to its reduced recoil”.

* The Geth Plasma Shotgun: This “triple barreled monster” allows users to charge up each shot for increased damage, or just go to town in awesome rapid-fire style.

This lil’ nugget of digital goodies will cost you 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 players and 160 Bioware points for any of those PC people I hear stories about. Now gaze at these screenshots boys and girls, because Daddy needs to run down to the convenience store and pick up another points card and some lotto scratchers.

Source: VG247

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