NBA Jam Free With Elite 11

EA has sent word via press release that purchasers of a brand new copy of basketball title NBA Elite 11 will find a code in the box good for a downloadable copy of the new NBA Jam. NBA Jam was previously a Wii exclusive, but now EA is bringing the revived franchise to the XBLA and PSN via this promotion.

NBA Elite 11

According to the press release, “all new copies of NBA ELITE 11 will include a one-time download code that will enable users to access three modes of NBA JAM – Play Now, Classic Campaign and Online”. It sounds like they’re pairing down the Wii version of NBA Jam into a smaller downloadable package. NBA Jam will only be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 by purchasing NBA Elite 11.

EA is using these types of programs to try to push gamers away from buying used copies of their games. Personally, I’m always a couple years behind on buying my NBA titles since they get dirt cheap once the new one comes out. This won’t push me to buy the game new, but it is very tempting since I love the NBA Jam franchise.

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