Plants Vs. Zombies XBLA Release Date Revealed

Plants Vs. Zombies, the popular PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad game has been rumoured to be coming to XBLA at some point but now we have a release date. You can expect Plants Vs Zombies to be hitting your Xbox 360 console on September 8. It will cost $15 or 1200 XBLM Points.

That’s right, all zombies rejoice with a loud “BWWAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH” at the great news that this amazing game is finally coming to your home console. I can’t imagine what the control scheme will be like on the 360 but don’t worry, because not only is it being ported to the console. But the game is also going to have a co-op and versus feature, which was revealed with the achievement list. IGN have reported that the co-op feature would be one person using offensive and one person using defensive plants. It sounds like a really fantastic port of the game and I can’t wait to play it.

Disco Zombie Is Happy… I think.

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