Soundgarden Joins Warriors Of Rock

Sort of. Activision and Soundgarden have partnered to bring something unique to the rhythm game genre; actual music. On September 28th, you can get the newly released Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game bundled with Soundgarden’s new greatest hits CD titled Telephantasm.

soundgarden a-sides

Greatest Hits

Telephantasm will also be available as DLC for the Guitar Hero platform starting September 28th. I find it extremely interesting that the music CD will be free with the purchase of Warriors of Rock, but the DLC will still cost you money. Obviously the DLC cost more to make and therefore Activision wants to make money off of what will no doubt be some hot selling tracks. That being said, Pearl Jam reissued Ten and gave away codes to download the entire album for free in Rock Band. In my opinion, this feels like a cash grab by the band more than anything.

The track list for Telephantasm is:

01. Hunted Down
02. Hands All Over
03. Outshined
04. Rusty Cage
05. Birth Ritual
06. Black Hole Sun
07. Spoonman
08. My Wave
09. Fell On Black Days
10. Burden In My Hand
11. Blow Up The Outside World
12. Black Rain (Previously Unreleased)

Another question I have is, why is Soundgarden releasing this greatest hits disc at all? We got one way back in 1997. I wasn’t excited about Soundgarden reuniting because I wanted them to re-package their old material. I can do that myself. Where’s the new stuff, guys?

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