Dead Rising Movie Up For Download On Xbox Marketplace

Every time I hear any word of a Video game based movie coming out, I get somewhat worried. Mainly because most of these movies are usually made by people who have no understanding or respect for the source material. Zombrex Dead Rising Sun leaves me hopeful, what with Capcom head of Research & Development and general producer-guy, Keiji Inafune, directing this shindig.

Inafune’s self proclaimed “First Person Action Film’s” first three parts are up on the Xbox LIVE Market place for download. They’ll remain there exclusively until August 11th, after which you can watch them and the further weekly installments (Did I mention that this will be a weekly series for this month? Oh. It’s totally a weekly series for the month) over at

The general concept of the movie looks interesting at a first glance. The story’s main character is a wheelchair-bound boy, and the whole crux of the film is that it will occasionally follow him in the first person perspective. I don’t doubt that this idea can go bad, though. I mean, I’ve seen the 2005 Doom movie. But I get an old-style, campy horror film vibe from Zombrex — there’s definitely something to dig here.

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  • Im in the same boat. The transition from video game to movie is a most difficult road. Seeing that this is headed by Capcom themselves though is a hopeful sign, but I dunno.