A Different Take on Gaming News: The First-Person Observer

If you’re one of those people who have a better knowledge of current affairs in the gaming world than those in real life, check out The First-Person Observer: ‘dedicated to providing you with non-stop, around-the-clock coverage of breaking news from inside the games you play and love.’

The site is heavily indebted to the fantastic Onion but  holds its own with some strong writing and sharp insights into gaming culture: recent posts features the owner of the hotel from Limbo bemoaning his lack of business, or the World of Goo corporation being criticized for its disastrous goo spill. As a Dead Space fan, I especially like the post where Isaac Clarke complains about not being able to see his own health bar (‘Who is this supposed to be useful for, someone standing behind me?’). There’s also some pot shots at the gamer mentality, such as ‘Hostages Rescued By Courageous Racist‘.

The site’s been around for a while but it’s sharp and funny – check it out.

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