Halo: Reach is Done!

According to an interview with Joe Tung in the Sydney Herald, Halo: Reach has just gone gold. He says

“It is a weight off my chest to know that we went gold. It was a little bit scary to leave on the tour before we’d actually got the rubber stamp.”

The game is done, the master disc has been pressed, and soon, you’ll see it in stores. Well, soon-ish,  the game won’t be released in over a month, but it’s nice to know that through it all, THE FORKLIFT STAYED. Though the Covenant-UNSC war had gone on long before Reach, our game takes place just around Master Chief’s story in the Halo trilogy begins. If Halo 3 was about Finishing the Fight, Halo: Reach is about starting it. Bungie has long stated that this is the “definitive Halo,” and now, we see whether their hard work has paid off or not.

Halo: Reach is released September 14, 2010.

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