Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 27

Welcome to this weeks episode of Platform Nation’s Lock and Load, your weekly official P*N Video Game Podcast.

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519), Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Mark Rea (A Dark Knight 2).

Our primary objective this week:
– Special or Collector Editions Games

Our rapid fire topics this week are:
Halo Reach Sneak Peak, by Rane Pollock
Dead Rising Movie Up For Download On Xbox Marketplace, by Matt McMillan
Arkham Asylum Sequel Named, by Nathan Hardisty
New Single-Player DLC For BioShock 2 Available, by Mark Withers
Plants Vs. Zombies XBLA Release Date Revealed, by Adam Jagger
Traveling in Games, by Stewart Loosemore
New Dragon Age Origins DLC Priced and Dated, by Patrick Talbert
Halo: Reach Achievements Revealed, by Steven O’Rourke
Declassified Gaming Secrets, by Chris Forbis
Kick-Ass 2 To Be More Hit-Girl Centric, by D. Demitrius Smith

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  • Great show. As far as audio goes Mark is usually louder than the other two gentlemen on the show.

  • audio was much better this time guys, I don’t recall a single audio drop at all.

  • X Bea Arthur X

    Hey guys, audio sounded much better this week. As far as the collectors/special editions go I never buy them. The only one I ever purchased was the Lost Planet one and I only bought that because it came with an extra multiplayer map. So that way me and the 3 other people that bought that edition could spend hours searching for each other on this giant map. I’m sure you will talk about it next week, but what do you think of the Black Ops multiplayer trailer? All I could think while watching it is that it was just another game waiting to be exploited and that Treyarch learned nothing from the failings of Modern Warfare 2.

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