GAMER Expo Dates And Information

Wait what do you mean you don’t know what the Gamer Expo is or where it is being held?  Well we are here to remedy that for you rather quickly as we will give you the dates and information you need to attend Gamer Expo in Ireland.  First off I know I should have mentioned Ireland sooner but Platform Nation has readers all over the globe to include some well placed writers and Community Manager in Ireland.  So first a little bit about the event that will kick off  October 29 2010 and run until October 31 2010 in Dublin Ireland at the Citywest Convention Centre

At last! Ireland has its own Gaming Expo!

GAMER Expo – Ireland’s ultimate event dedicated to Gamers and Gaming technology will take place over the Halloween holiday weekend in Dublin.

Utilising over 90,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space in Dublin’s newest exhibition center, GAMER Expo will create the definitive event in Ireland for Gamers.

GAMER Expo will have several ‘Zones’ each designated to deliver engaging experiences to gamers.

Zones will include: –

  • LAN War I – will feature 4 LAN War Arenas.
  • The DEMO Zone – will feature game and hardware demonstrations.
  • The RETAIL Zone – after you try in the Demo Zone – you can buy (or pre-order!) in the retail zone… just in time for Christmas!
  • The 3D Zone – come and see the future of TV and 3D gaming in the 3D Zone.
  • The INTERNET Zone
  • The ‘LIVE’ Stage – will be the center point of all of the ‘action’ at GAMER Expo.
  • GAMER Club Lounge – a rest ‘n relax area for GAMER Club members.

Sub-events will be held on an ongoing basis, throughout the weekend.

Sub-events will include: –

  • Numerous Gaming Tournaments
  • COSPLAY Competition (on Sunday 31st October – Halloween Day)
  • LIVE Music
  • Presentations from manufacturers, developers and other industry professionals.

Our GAMER TV crew will be recording events and streaming them over the internet for all to see.

Looks like this is going to be an awesome event and here is how to get your tickets to the event.  Platform Nation will be bringing you details about the Gamer Expo so stay tuned for further developments.  Don’t forget to follow Gamer Expo via Twitter for their updates as well.

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