Red Dead Redemption Legends And Killers Pack Trailer

You may have heard about the new Legends and Killers DLC, but you would like to see what it is about instead of reading it.  But first we are going to give you a little insight about the trailer below thanks to Rockstar.

Today we’re excited to reveal the premiere trailer for the Legends and Killers Pack from Red Dead Redemption.  Each of the nine new maps offers unique battle advantages.  Find the best sniping position in Blackwater to eliminate the opposition, fight your way through the river fog in Thieves Landing, or surprise your enemies with the new Tomahawk weapon in Rio Bravo as they scale the mountainside.  Revisit  2004’s Western classic, Red Dead Revolver, and play as one of eight new downloadable characters including Annie Stoakes, Pig Josh, and fan favorite Red Harlow, among others.

The new pack will be available for download August 10 for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and $9.99 on the PlayStation Network.

Yes you read right a new Tomahawk weapon and wait until you see it in action. This DLC is a must buy for me and I hope to see you out there taming the wild west.  Now without further ado the Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Trailer:

Awesome right, I thought so too and a nice blast from the past with some characters from Red Dead Revolver as a finishing touch.

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