Torchlight II Announced

Torchlight was an amazing little gem last October. You can see how much we liked it here. Runic Games, the creators of Torchlight, had previously said that their next project would be an MMO based in the Torchlight world. Those plans got put on hold (don’t worry, the MMO is still coming) after the smash success of Torchlight and Runic Games has announced that their next game would be Torchlight II.

Runic Games is promising that Torchlight II will be what gamers have been clamoring for in a sequel. Max Schaefer, the CEO of Runic Games, said “We’re so proud of everything Torchlight accomplished, and we feel that Torchlight II will not only give the fans everything they’ve asked for, but far surpass its predecessor in terms of fun, balance, customization, story, and just being a great game to play with your friends.”

Probably the most requested feature in the first game, Torchlight II will have multiplayer. So soon you and your friends will be able to spend hours looking for loot and killing monsters together. Other new features will be new pets, new classes, customizable characters and much more. One of the best announcements was, like its predecessor, Torchlight II will be sold at a low price point so as many gamers as possible can enjoy it. Gamers can begin their new adventure when Torchlight II comes out as a digital download Spring 2011.

Be sure to check out gamescom this August 18-22 for Torchlight II’s debut. To see more info about the game go to the its website here.

Also, Undead Bears!

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