Unsung Heroes Of Video Games – Vol. 4

Hello Platform Nation Readers and welcome to Unsung Heroes Of Video Games! I originally claimed that last weeks Vol. 3 was the final installment to this mini-series. Well some people requested some more so we are back. For those of you unaccustomed to this series, we pay tribute to the hard working, behind the scenes people who make our video games a pleasure to play. Most of us don’t even realize these people exist. That is why we pay tribute to them. Get them some recognition and put them out there in the spotlight for a change. So without further ado, let’s begin!

This week’s Unsung Hero spreads their roots into all sorts of games. You’ll find their magic in role playing games, action games, first person shooters, and a few other types. They craft an item that is very useful to any traveler or adventurer worth his weight in gold. For you see, without this item, you would need a dozen donkeys (or a tractor trailer depending on the time frame of the game) to follow you around. So let us give a big round of applause to this week’s Unsung Heroes, the Yram Snippop Bottomless Bag Company.

The Yram Snippop Bottomless Bag Company, or YSBBC for short, has been a champion of role playing games for years. They have provided many an adventurer with rugged satchels and durable backpacks designed to store all of their treasures in. Just think if you didn’t have one these nifty bags, how crummy it would be carrying a stack of 99 health potions, 99 mana potions, 3 sets of armor, 5 different weapons, 237 arrows, 19 wolf hearts, 15 tents, 62 lock picks, 77 Dragon scales, and 134 sprigs of lotusberry root… Whew, that’s a lot of luggage! Without a spiffy YSBBC bag, you would have to have a dozen donkeys follow you around and that just isn’t feasible. Some would wander off and get lost, while some might get killed from enemy attacks. It would be a bitch trying to pass some of the trials throughout the game with these asses following you around, and just think of the after-dinner clean up, Ewww!

Even "Devil May Cry" wears Prada

For those of you who don’t know, the YSBBC bags are made with a bit o’ magic – “You think. You wink. You do a double blink. You close your eyes… and jump!”. That’s all it takes before these miraculous marvels of magnificent magic are sent out across the world to aid in the quest of good versus evil. Through this act of magic, these bags are a lot more than they appear. They can hold tons of junk and still only weigh a few pounds to keep the burden off of you.

Eat your heart out Bad Company!

So the next time you have 11 Grompel carcasses, 87 bat wings, 9 elm logs, and 85,729 pieces of gold to carry (plus an extra change of underwear in case of an emergency), don’t credit it to your Strength stat. Credit it to the magical fanny pack that you are wearing.

Yram Snippop Bottomless Bag Company, I Salute You!

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