Halo Reach Post GameStop Report

I am fortunate enough to have multiple Gamestops near me, therefore I was able to go to the Halo Reach preview event that I told you about earlier this week.

gamestop event

The event started at 9 pm and was scheduled to run until 10:30 pm. I arrived a couple minutes late, iPhone in hand and recording. The manager eyeballed me to verify that I am over 18 years old. Apparently I’m very obviously over 18 which feels good. After I wrote down my name and phone number on a piece of paper, I started watching the video already in progress. It was broken into segments where Tom “Tsquared” Taylor gave tips and strategies at surviving multiplayer matches in Halo Reach. Interspersed with this was snippets of Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries talking about the significance of Halo Reach in the scope of the Halo universe and how Bungie’s swan song is the greatest Halo game to date. Taylor’s advice was limited to the same maps we saw in the beta a few months back.

Between each segment was the exact same Red vs. Blue short video which was basically a promo for Gamestop telling you to pre-order the game. Once we realized the video was over and going to repeat ad nausea we asked the manager if she could go ahead and do the drawing for the Legendary Edition. She obliged. I didn’t win. *sigh*

All in all it was pretty underwhelming. The main reason to go was to be entered to win the Legendary edition and to get the text number to enter for the big Reach statues. If you want to enter to win a life-sized replica of one of the Noble team, just text “Reach” to 56418. Otherwise the video didn’t reveal anything earth shattering. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people that attended the event expected some new information to be revealed. Fortunately, all will be revealed on September 14th.

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