Gaming Confessions: Super Mario Bros

Forgive me father for I have sinned, not a phrase I would usually associate with gaming but today I unveil Platform Nations newest weekly article Gaming Confessions.

This week’s confession:

I have never managed to complete Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo Entertainment System. I have played it and at least once a year I will go back to it but without doubt failure is always the end result. When I was younger I just blamed my inexperience and skill(or lack thereof) Today I blame myself, I should have the skill to beat it, but it’s psychological, I think that I cannot beat it so ultimately I fail. Thankfully my mental block only extends to this game as I have successfully completed Super Mario Bro 2 and Super Mario Bros 3, but Super Maro Bros has always eluded me.

My current problem is world 7-4, if the rotating firebars, Podoboo and the pitfalls don’t kill me I run out of time. The course is an endless maze.  I know there is a pattern to it and I knew it once but I can’t remember it now. A quick google search would solve the problem but when I beat it, I want to know I did it myself. I need to know that I earned it.

Perhaps there is more contributing to my mental block. Super Mario was the first game that I can remember playing and it was this that started my gaming passion. This is where I learned the basic AB D(irection) of games.

Maybe I should stop trying to complete it, leave it as a childhood memory. After all what if my current passion for games is just simple substitution for a challenge that I failed so many years ago. What if when I complete it I lose my interest in games? That’s a reality that I don’t want to consider.

So Platform Nation, what should be my penance?

If you would like to confess your sins, drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter @Stigweird85

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    OMG! You suck so bad! lol. Tsk on you not finishing Super Mario Brothers. 🙂

  • StealthNull

    To repent my child, Play Super Mario world and and an hour of the Legend of Zelda.

  • If you’re stuck on 7-4, warp to 8-1 and skip that world altogether.

    Though I’d start at 3-1 and get some extra lives from the turtle on the staircase first. Jumping right to 8-1 can be tough with 5 lives.