My Life, In Microsoft Points

I finally got paid this week! Finally, I have more than 4,000 points in my bank account. Let’s not get carried away, though…still have bills to pay. Fighting the urge to be irresponsible with my windfall, I’ll do the adult thing and make a budget to see if I can afford that 1200 point XBLA game.

Mikhail Prokhorov bought this from Bill Gates for 58,880,000,000 Microsoft Points

First things first—the necessities. Rent this month is going to set me back a whopping 53,600 points. Ugh, shelter is overrated. Cable and Internet is going to be 7,200 I believe. Water and sewage has very little variance and usually ends up around 2,400 points. Trash and renters insurance is around the same at 2,640. The electric bill is going to be hefty in these warm summer months, so I expect I have run up an 8,000 point tab.

The Lamborghini Murcielago is only 32,000,000 points!

Add up the usual monthly bills and we arrive at 73,840 points. Wow! Never thought I would spend that amount of Microsoft points in one month. Tack on food and gas at around 22,000 points…that totals up to almost 100,000 points in a single month! That assumes I do nothing but go to work, work, then come straight back every single day.

Impossible Game? Impossibly affordable 80 Microsoft points.

Going out on a Friday night would probably run around 5k (haha) and the price of a movie ticket has inflated to over 800 points. Decisions, decisions…

If I don’t pay any bills for an entire month, I’ll have enough points to buy between 1,250 and 83 XBLA games depending on the price. Nice! This makes me wonder exactly how many games are available in the Arcade. It also makes me wonder why they are called “necessities” when you can’t even use them with a controller.

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  • I just wish MS would move away from these MS points and move towards a standard $ system, it’s just so much easier to put into perspective.

  • Steve, why are you wishing MS would move away from these MS points and move towards a standard $ system?