Arkham Asylum Continues To Harbor Secrets

It has been nearly a year since Batman: Arkham Asylum showed up in homes across the country and around the world. And, being one of the better games released last year — some would call it the best — numerous people have probably played it front to back and back to front, earning the full 100% completion. Yet, despite all of that dedication, fans were never able to uncover Arkham’s final secret…until now.

It seems that Rocksteady (oh, you sly dogs) managed to tuck one final surprise into Arkham Asylum: Warden Sharp’s secret room. How does something like this manage to go undetected? Well, for one thing, it is invisible to the Dark Knight’s detective vision. On top of that, the only way to gain entry is through the liberal application of explosive foam.

Paul Crocker, Rocksteady’s lead narrative designer, elaborates on the details:

While building Batman: Arkham Asylum, we placed a number of ‘hooks’ into the game that tie into the ‘Arkham-Verse’. From the beginning we knew that Quincy was a bad guy, and planned what his next move would be. The room obviously ties into Arkham City, but to be fair, we hid it pretty well. We did assume that it would be found eventually and after following forum posts for 6 months or so, decided to announce it in the ‘Game of the Year’ podcast. The fans of the game have been amazing and again, reading the forums, we can see how much they value the efforts we have put into creating the background stories for the various characters and it was great to see all the post and theories about the secret room once it was discovered. What I think people are really going to enjoy is not just how Arkham Asylum led to Arkham City, but also how the story in Arkham City sheds new light on the events you saw in Arkham Asylum.

So what say you go back and take another look-see at Batman: Arkham Asylum? If you’re interested in uncovering Warden Quincy Sharp’s most precious secret, you can find it just off of his office.

Information comes via GameInformer

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