Sony’s PlayStation NYC Preview

Three weeks ago I was invited to a media only Sony PlayStation event here in NYC, here are my thoughts on the 3 major categories of gaming on hand at the event: Move, 3D and traditional, blockbuster titles.

Sony’s Move motion controls, which I had been excited about, are obviously the result of tireless research, in the form of seeing how the Wii works, and bandwagon jumping. The fact that this has been hyped to death to have more points of recognition and true 1:1 response made it quite a shock to see that it was unbelievably terrible. It is just as terrible as the Wii controllers except now it is ruining one of the consoles I actually enjoy. Shame on them for at least not trying something different and just giving us all more of the thing we only play quarterly, if that. The Fight: Lights Out and two other unbelievably bad titles, whose names I have thankfully forgotten, give me zero belief I will ever want the peripherals. Also, for all those looking forward to doing battle in SOCOM 4 with Move controls against players with controllers, good luck. You will need it.

3D, on the other hand, was a very pleasant surprise. My first foray into the third dimension of gaming was with Tron: Evolution. The game, which is a standard beat ’em up with the now standard persistent leveling up mechanic, was a mediocre use of 3D. Due to the speed at which you moved, rather than giving a sense of exhilaration, it just broke the experience. The next two games I saw, Killzone 3 and The Sly Cooper Collection, had their beautiful graphics brought to life. Both, with a quick but not excessive pace and crisp graphics, albeit with one (Sly) having a perfectly translatable cartoon style, jumped off the screen and were absolutely great. If they are any indication, I may have to drastically change my tune on 3D gaming, of which, to this point, I have not been a proponent.

The real highlight for me was seeing the traditional, gimmick-free titles that I am excited for through this year and, in some cases, early 2011. Games like Dead Space 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse and others were exactly what I hoped they could be and looked absolutely great. Others, like Lara Croft: The Guardian of Light and a slice of the campaign in Medal of Honor, really surprised me and have me much more excited to get my hands on them when they launch.

For more, in depth thoughts, please check out the episode of the Video Game Jocks Podcast where I talked about all the games and gimmicks I got to take in at the event. You can also check out Scott diMonda’s take on the event here as he also had the chance to attend.

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