Split/Second DLC Exploding Soon

Blackrock Studios has announced via the game’s Facebook page that the first packs of DLC for the insane arcade racer Split/Second will be coming later this month. Four packs in all are racing our way, with one even being free.

split second

Hi everyone, the wait is almost over for Split/Second downloadable content! Coming later this month will be three new downloadable packs. The first DLC pack will provide new liveries to really make your turbo-powered Elite vehicles stand out from the rest of the crowd! The second DLC pack will be a entirely new vehicle offering called the “High Octane” Supercar Pack (see screenshot below).
Finally, as a way of saying thanks to our awesome community, we will be giving away a FREE special edition vehicle based on the original classic Ryback Cyclone! These packs will be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in the next couple of weeks along with a major DLC pack featuring a new environment coming in September. Watch this page for details!

The main piece of content that interests me in this announcement is the fourth one. I would love to have a new track to race in with new power plays. Hopefully Blackrock will price these packs reasonably instead of going the $10 route.

What do you think? How much are some new cars and a new track worth to those of you still burning rubber in Split/Second?

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