Character vs. Character: Ashe Corven vs. Jack Skellington

Two cult classic characters battle to the death. But wait, they are both already dead. How do you kill the undead? Patience! All will be revealed in this battle of Ashe Corven versus Jack Skellington.


After Ashe and his son Danny witness a murder committed by Judah’s gang, the gang kills the both of them. Ashe is resurrected by the mystical crow to exact revenge on his killers. Make-up and badassness help him complete his goal.



Jack is the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and never neglects his duty to keep the town safe.  A former holiday king, Oogie Boogie, tried once to take over the holiday Halloween only to be thwarted by Jack. Oogie comes back and is out for revenge. Jack once again protects his town with his gothic tactics.



Resurrecting from the dead has its benefits; taking bullets and jumping from immense heights fail to jolt Ashe.

 Along with his regular jumps, punches, and kicks, Ashe can use the surrounding weapons to attack enemies.



No flesh to scathe and no heart to stop, being a skeleton certainly has its ups.

Soul Robber – Basic attack

Soul Slam – Slam enemy to the ground

Soul Cycle – An attack that spins the enemy and pulls in nearby enemies to also be attacked

As the Pumpkin King

Flame Thrower/Fire Bomb – Uses fire to damage enemies

Repossession – Surprises enemies out of Oogie Mode

Scared Stiff – Stuns an enemy

Cold Front – Freezes an enemy in a block of ice and deals damage

Pumpkin Shield – Helps to block attacks

As Santa Jack

Throw Present – As the name implies, throw a present to attack an enemy 


Ashe is sitting in an abandoned building, getting pooed on by his crow, wondering why a game is based off him when Eric Draven is obviously much cooler. Draven even has ties back to the comic book that started the series, but Ashe becomes the star. Not to mention the reviews. These festering wounds have created an even more angered Ashe and he’s a ticking time bomb.

Suddenly, Ashe feels a gust of wind and in the distance hears a Danny Elfman tune. He searches the ruins and in stalks Jack Skellington.

“Why have you come?” questions Ashe.

“You will not take my town,” spits Jack.

“What do you mean?”

“No guy wears that much make-up unless it’s Halloween and I cannot allow you to take over Halloween Town just so you can continue your sick fantasy.”

Without leaving any time for a response, Jack deals a Cold Front and Ashe is frozen. Jack starts to slink off believing he is done but Ashe can’t be defeated that easily. Ashe bursts out of the block of ice and is miraculously at Jack’s side in a split second. Ashe kicks out Jack’s knee cap and Jack falls to the ground.

“Did you really think a little ice would kill me?”

As Ashe goes to get a nearby gun, Jack puts himself back together.


 The bullet goes right between Jack’s ribs without touching a thing.

“A gun? Ha ha ha ha.”

Ashe grabs a fallen board and runs at Jack. Jack attempts to stop him by using his flame thrower but Ashe blows right through. He hits Jack in the skull, throwing him into the pile of rumble behind him. As Jack is lying on the ground, Ashe catches his reflections in a broken window and stops to checks his make-up. Jack quietly duck tapes his skull back together and sneaks up on the crow, which is sleeping on a nearby telephone wire. Ashe turns back only to see that Jack has vanished. He walks to the doorway just in time to see Jack deal a Soul Robber to the crow. The bird instantly falls to the earth and with its death, Ashe disappears.

The undead may not be able to be killed, but the bird that holds their soul should watch out for skeletons (and BB guns). Halloween Town is safe…for now.

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