Double Fine’s Next Game: Costume Quest

Though Brutal Legend may not be getting a sequel, the good folks at Double Fine have still been keeping themselves busy.  Of the new games they have in store, the first set to be released is a quirky little downloadable RPG called Costume Quest.

While this project isn’t being helmed by Schafer himself (animator Tasha Harris is taking up the reins on this one), it still looks to have a good amount of his trademark feel to it.  Set on a suburban Halloween night, the story concerns an average young boy searching for his sister and doing battle with a host of (imagined?) monsters along the way.  The eponymous costumes play a critical role in battles, as the children take their forms – a kid with a trash can lid for a shield might become a fully armored knight, for instance.  The battle system itself is apparently fairly simple, consisting of only a few buttons (one for attack, one for block, one for special techniques) and featuring timing-based minigames that award extra damage.

The presentation, humor, and unusual RPG setting all invite a comparison to the classic SNES-era adventures like Mario RPG or Earthbound, but not in a derivative sense.  Costume Quest looks to have a charm and flavor all its own, and is definitely a title to keep an eye on.  Keeping theme in mind, the game will be available for the October holiday.

Source: 1up

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  • zenaxe

    I’d just like to take this opportunity to mention that Brutal Legend SUCKED.