Kane & Lynch 2: Behind the Scenes 3 – “Greed, Betrayal, Revenge”

To complete the trilogy of press releases around Kane & Lynch 2, Platform Nation bring you the third behind the scenes video.  It’s titled Greed, Betrayal, Revenge, so as you can guess it is not about fluffy kittens!  We only have to wait another week to get our hands on the full game but if you have watched all the trailers on Platform for it, then jump over to either XBL, PSN or your digital distributor of choice for the PC, and download the demo.

Money can make people do funny things. It can also drive people to do some very nasty things, like turn traitor. In this latest behind-the-scenes video, the game directors outline the unique multiplayer modes, exclusive to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The human psyche begins to process some immoral thoughts, when greed turns to betrayal and betrayal leads to revenge.

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