Kane & Lynch 2 Cooperative Vignette

Less than a week to go until Kane & Lynch 2 is released and IO Interactive are treating everyone to their latest video.  This time around they are concentrating on the co-operative side of the game.  After you have watched the video remember to jump back here and leave comments with your opinion and whether you are more or less interested in the game.  Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will release on August 17, 2010 in North America, August 20 throughout Europe and other PAL territories and August 26 in Japan.

Get a taste of the cooperative nature of the criminal underworld’s most mismatched team – Kane & Lynch. This latest video gives you a taste of some classic Kane & Lynch teamwork – including explosive canisters, Kane’s attempts to direct Lynch’s psychotic style in battle and other cooperative tasks they take on with the tact and precision of a bull in a china shop – or, hell – a psychotic bull in China period.

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