Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Unlocks Several SNK Games

Due to a new found glitch in X-Box Live, video game website Worthplaying has unearthed a glitch that allows owners of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to unlock the whole game of several SNK games.

With Modern Warfare 2, the glitch forces the trial version XBLA games into thinking that they are authorized to run as the full version. As a result, they launch into the complete, unrestricted game, even if you have not yet purchased them. Oddly enough the glitch only seems to effect the combination of Modern Warfare 2 and the SNK developed XBLA games. Other titles tested behaved as expected.

In order to see the glitch in action, you only need to launch Modern Warfare 2. Once the game and/or demo has booted, press the Xbox 360 guide button and select “Quick Launch.” Now, highlight the XBLA SNK demo that you want to play and confirm the selection. The XBLA game will launch as a full version.

The SNK games affected by the glitch are: Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX and Samurai Showdown II.

Crazy what we find these days. I don’t think that a few free downloads are such a bad thing, if I was at home right now, I’d try it out to see what happens. But with more and more websites reporting in, expect to see this patched more soon than later, so get those demos, more sooner than later.

Source: WorthPlaying

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  • Neil

    It worked, but it only seems to work with MW2 in the drive, and DOES NOT let you keep the game. I hope its not patched until can get some achevement points banked.

  • Didn’t think about achievement points … hmm … good call out here!

  • hellodb

    you play too much anyways