Nintendo Hits 30 Million Wiis Sold In US

Nintendo has announced that over 30 million Wiis have been sold in the United States alone, beating out all current-generation consoles by a healthy margin. The Xbox 360 is currently in second with about 24 million consoles sold in the US, and the PS3 is in last with 14.4 million, according to

However, could the Wii really be considered the most popular current gaming system? I’ve seen Wiis purchased by friends that only sit in the corner and gather dust as soon as people get tired of Super Smash Bros. or don’t have enough people around to play a party game. The Wii is certainly fun, but I have not seen it find any sort of lasting appeal with the average gamer.

Of course, all of this is purely anecdotal evidence; obviously it is a popular console. I would like to hear from those of you who have purchased a Wii! Do you still play it on a regular basis? Was the purchase well worth it? Comment and let me know.

Source: GameSpot

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  • I barely touch mine… I don’t think that it’s because of the console itself, it’s just the lack of games I am interested in.