Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question” – 8/11/10

Has a week gone by already?  Here I was thinking of all the wonderful uses $500 would get me in my gaming life, and I have to move on to the next question.  But we must soldier on, right?  This week, it’s time to be introspective:

What do you like most about Platform Nation?

This can be anything: a person, article, feature, podcast, forum… whatever you find at Platform Nation that keeps you coming back.  There’s so much going on here, it’s good to hear about what people are enjoying the most.   To keep things fair, let’s all assume that the ASQ is everyone’s favorite, so feel free to skip that and move to your second favorite

/sarcasm off

But for the sake of keeping the question interesting, you can only name ONE thing – this is what you like the most, don’t turn it into a feature list.

I’ll skip asking Chacha for their thoughts on this – feel free to insert a witty response if you feel the urge.

A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Each week, you’ll be posed a question.   Give a response and let the world know what you think, there is no right or wrong answer here.  I will post my response on Friday. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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  • I love the variety of writers

  • Chacha’s response would be P*N’s awesomeness keeps everyone coming back.

    Mine would be the love of the site as a whole that is what keeps me coming back.

    I could continue and make a whole segment as P*N came to me when I needed it the most and let me grow with the site, the staff here is the best compared to any site out there and as a whole we all make an awesome team!

  • I love the variety offered by the site as a whole. Editorials, podcasts, reviews, news, forums.. it’s all here, there’s a huge diversity of writers from all over the world.. it really is a one-stop-shop for gaming information.