Where Is Rock Band Pearl Jam?

It’s August. 2010. Shouldn’t I be playing Pearl Jam Rock Band by now?

Rock Band Pearl Jam

Rock Band Pearl Jam (Not Real Boxart)

It’s been 15 months since Pearl Jam teamed up with Rhapsody and Harmonix to let fans choose the best live versions of the band’s awesome live catalog. Since then, all we’ve seen is a listing on a Swedish website with placeholder boxart. That was in May of this year. The only response to this was, “We haven’t announced any products beyond Green Day: Rock Band and Rock Band 3. We have a great relationship with Pearl Jam and hope to have more of their awesome music in the game in the future.” Since then, Harmonix has given us zero information on whether the game is still in development or if it has been summarily canceled.

I want the truth.

I expected the game to be announced and playable at this year’s E3. Instead we got Rock Band 3 and Dance Central. Of course, Harmonix isn’t going to ignore the cash cow that is the Rock Band platform, and they’ve obviously been able to generate some serious buzz for Kinect with Dance Central, so I’m not suggesting that they develop PJRB instead of those core titles. I am suggesting, nay demanding, that they at least give us an indication on where the game is in development. They owe the fans that voted on the songs at least that much.

Pearl Jam Rock Band

Another Fake Boxart (Made By Yours Truly)

I don’t think any one expected Harmonix to give the same amount of time and polish to Pearl Jam Rock Band as they have to The Beatles or Green Day. Honestly, I’ve been expecting a track pack much like the AC/DC one released through Walmart and Sams Club. And I’m ok with that. I don’t need a bunch of flashy backdrops and psychedelic colors for me to enjoy the music that I already love.

If we do see them sneak the game out in September, it will be overshadowed by Rock Band 3, not to mention every other huge game coming out that month. Dooming it to fail in this way is a disservice to the band and to the fans. Harmonix could be holding the game for an early 2011 release, which would give them time to make it compatible with the new instruments and Pro Mode.

Whatever the story is, this is one game that I’ll be watching for until it releases. If it’s been canceled, then my switch to Guitar Hero will be complete.

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  • Don’t know if I want Live songs.. Maybe in addition to the rest of their catalog. At least I have Ten to play. 🙂

  • GUI J

    With the lackluster sales of Green Day Rock Band do not be surprised if everything from here on out is DLC only.

  • Eddie actually posted something about it on twitter fairly recently (last month), so all hope is not lost!
    He claims it’s still set for a 2010 release.

    here’s a link to the tweet:

    Hopefully it comes out sooner than later. I’m not surprised they aren’t really promoting it with Rock Band 3 coming out soon, but I agree with you on the fact that I’d at least like to be given some sort of idea as to when the release date is!

  • Eddie posted about it on twitter at the end of last month…so maybe all hope is not lost?

    Here’s the link: Eddie’s PJ Rock band tweet

    • Thanks so much for finding that. I follow Eddie too but must have missed this tweet. I now have more fuel for my argument!

  • Sj

    Just an FYI – Ed doesn’t tweet or have a twitter account. That eddie vedder is a fan and states so in his bio. So that did not come from Ed himself.

    • Ah. I don’t use twitter so I wasn’t paying much attention. Only felt a sudden surge of hopefulness when I read it so I figured I’d post it haha I’ll keep hunting for new *accurate* info.

  • “They owe the fans that voted on the songs at least that much.”

    Yeah, because selecting your favourite song and clicking on “submit” was SO much work.

    • I assure you only the most dedicated fans participated in that contest. If you were a fan of Led Zeppelin and this same situation happened, I think you would be wanting an answer.

    • Choosing which live version of a song should be put on PJ Rockband is something dedicated fans take seriously. There are so many great versions of the songs out there, but most of us know right off the bat which version we prefer..especially when it comes to one of our favorite PJ songs (Red Mosquito for me. I was beyond excited to pick my favorites.

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