BioShock Infinite Premiere Trailer

While plenty of titles have been leaked in advance, BioShock Infinite is one of few that have remained relatively under wraps until the full premiere. Ken Levine and crew at Irrational Games kept a tight lid on their project, with plenty speculating about a possible sequel to BioShock. With the trailer reveal, we see that the world is unfamiliar, but carries a recognizable signature of the BioShock verse, mixing steampunk and classical styles. As Ken Levine says,

“When we completed the original BioShock, we felt we had said all we wanted to say with Rapture, but we weren’t done with the idea that is BioShock.  BioShockis so much more than a story of a single place or a single time.  We had so much more we wanted to say.”

The new setting is none other than Columbia, a creation of an idealized American state that has undergone a startling, twisted transformation. Unlike the silent character of a Big Daddy, something with little or no past, BioShock Infinite places the gamer as Booker Dewitt. You have an established history and a clear purpose for coming to Columbia. Perhaps the biggest change is the environment itself. Rapture was such a key part of BioShock, a character unto itself. While it was difficult for Irrational Games to leave Rapture behind, Columbia provides an entirely new experience.

“This world of Columbia presents radical differences in scale from what you are used to. You’re not crawling through corridors on the ocean floor, claustrophobic with the weight of the ocean bearing down on you.  Instead you find yourself navigating through huge environments, zipping around on Sky-Lines at eighty miles per hour and getting into firefights at ranges of two thousand yards.”

Earlier today, Irrational Games unveiled a teasing trailer giving a brief glimpse into the world of BioShock Infinite. It’s worth a look to see the next iteration in the BioShock verse.

*Quotes sourced from Irrational Games

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