Character vs. Character: Edward Carnby vs. Alan Wake

Some battles require more than mere brutal force or weapons. Some battles are so intense, they mess with your head, with your dreams, with your convictions. This is a battle that defies the concept of being a human; one that goes beyond the earthly nature of the two contenders.

Character Background

Edward Carnby

A paranormal investigator who likes ancient tribes, and is a real state agent, specialized in creepy mansions.

Alan Wake

A best selling author who suffers from an intense writers block, which forces him to go on vacation to the paradisaical Bright Falls.

Character Weapons / Powers

Edward Carnby

Mr. Carnby knows his way with various weapons and is also very capable of performing a great array of acrobatics. He also know how to appear in two of the worst movies ever made.

Alan Wake

Mr. Wake is just a very successful writer, but above all, he’s a dreamer. And a very powerful one, as a lot of what resides in his head, becomes reality… or not?

The Battle



-… Edward… wake up…


The creepy voice keep giving the order, until it fades away, and now there’s a blurry sight on the horizon, constantly interrupted by the blinking. Edward Carnby has indeed awaken, but he, for a change, doesn’t who he is, nor where he is.

The horizon is still blurry, so he blinks, but the environment doesn’t help. A thick fog covers what appears to be a lake. He then starts walking towards a white spot far away. It turned out it was a paper with a series of phrases written in and a title saying “Departure”. He read it.

– “…and he look at the earth in front of him, and there were no more mortals anymore…”

Edward took the paper while he was wondering what that meant when he was touched from behind. He turned around and saw a bunch of angry “Humanz”. He had no weapons so he started to run. Suddenly the earth started crumbling and breaking up. Edward saw no other choice but to get into the lake and swim until he got to the other side. He was exhausted but took a little bit of strength to keep reading the paper he got earlier. Surprisingly the words were not affected by the water.

– “…this is the time to face your karma; the time to pay for your deeds…”

Suddenly the earth started shaking again, and structures began to rise from the ground. Edward tried to keep his balance while staring up front, where a figure of a man could be seen. He ran toward it with a lot of difficulty, and when he arrived at the spot, he saw just a flashlight, and a picture of a girl. The structures kept emerging and he recognized the Abkani inscriptions on them, making him wonder what the hell was going on. He took the flashlight and the picture and kept running in hopes of figuring out the situation. A couple of Humanz appeared right in front of him and he was lucky enough to point the flashlight right into the  bright cavities on their bodies, killing them. Leaving no time for Edward to collect himself, some screaming began to be heard in the distance; it was a girl who was drowning in the lake, who forced him to go save her.

He ran, and then he swim, without even imagining the implications. As he got closer he recognized the girl, who happened to be Emily Hartwood, but when he arrived and hold her arm to take her, she smiled, viciously.

– “… be careful of what you desire… you’re not God, you can’t make up stuff…”

Right after she said those words, she rapidly submerged while grabbing Edward’s leg. Naturally he was dragged too to the bottom of the lake, and before dying, he passed out.

– “… Edward… wake up…”

Again, Edward open his eyes, just to find a blurry sight. After a lot of blinking, he is able to read a plaque that says “Cauldron Lake Lodge”.

– “… so, you’re awake Mr. Carnby. Welcome, I’m Dr. Hartman…”

– ” … is that my name? who am I exactly?”

– “… what? you’re telling me you just killed a couple of Humanz and survived being drown without knowing who you are?”

– “… I know, right? I tend not to remember anything, except my knowledge about the Abkani.”

– “… so… Uwe Boll, huh?”

– “what?”

– “nevermind. The thing is, you seriously need to get your creative flow on control…”

Suddenly everything gets dark, and Dr. Hartman starts to show big signs of suffering. Edward stood up, and search for potential weapons, but only found the paper.

– “… your creative block, is just a gate for us… a portal for him”

Dr. Hartman stops moaning in pain, and become a “Taken”. He takes a chair and walks towards Edward to attack him, who slowly walks backwards, not really knowing what to do, until a female person grabs him from behind.

– “…Emily? I’m so glad you’re h…”

The girl holds tightly Edward’s neck with his arm, trying to suffocate him.

– “you better shut up. She’s not Emily. She’s my beloved Alice…”

The guy talking was a tall guy in a coat, with a three day beard and a melancholic yet dangerous glance.

– “so… what does the paper says now?”

Edward releases himself a bit from Alice’s strength and reads the paper.

– “… as part of a collection of Petz, the Batz are coming to bring you suffering…”

As fast as Edward finished reading the line, a plague of Batz appeared from nowhere, and effectively brought bites full of suffering to him, accompanied only by the evil laugh of the bearded guy.

– “… and now… my arms will become blades.” Said the mysterious guy. As he was done with the sentence, his arms where already deadly blades that could fold and unfold at the will of the guy.

– “… just so you know, my name is Alan. And I haven’t awaken…”

Alan unfolded the blades against Edward, and it seemed he was done for. But Edward somehow managed to gather enough strength to break free from Alicia, and skillfully dodge the blades. Rapidly, he attacked Dr. Hartman, disarmed him and shot the chair to Alan. Alan stared at the chair carefully and it stopped. Without noticing, Edward was already behind Alan, who had no choice but to receive a great punch, which left Alan on the ground.

– “… so you imagine things and they appear… well, try imagine how to block this!”

A series of kicks were deployed by Edward, who was greatly enraged. However, a car came through the window and hitter Edward in the head, leaving him unconscious.

– “… nice try you bastard…” Said Alan, who was in pain, but with a faint smile of victory in his face. The happiness didn’t last long, as he realized he had hurt Alice with the blades a while ago.

He stared at her in horror. Her corpse laid in the ground. It was too late. The very reason why Alan was willing to fight his writer block is now gone.

He stays in silence for a good while. Then, he imagines a placid, beautiful world for Alice to go. As for him and Edward, he makes sure the place gets filled with heat, creatures, filth, and everything unpleasant, so both of them never find peace, nor reason to exist, and certainly will never a proper “departure”.

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