Irrational Games Announcing New Title Tonight

Tonight sees the launch of the first trailer for the new game from Irrational, creators of BioShock. The game was announced yesterday at a press event but any information is protected by an embargo that ends 15 minutes after the trailer goes live on In a message on the Irrational website, Ken Levine says, ‘Our hope is that you all will see it PRIOR to reading any news in the press…Trust me, there’s a reason.’ Journalists were also shown a live gameplay demonstration, which will be available on the website at a later date. Rumours have suggested a new franchise installment, Thief, System Shock and The Darkness being bandied around. There’s always the chance, of course, that we could see the birth of something new. The trailer goes live at 1.45pm, Eastern Daylight Time. Let’s all clasp hands in anticipation…

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  • Should have waited a few minutes longer as it has just been revealed to be Bioshock Infinite,

  • It’s out there. Bioshock in the sky.