P*N & Playdate – Crackdown 2

Visit Pacific City – bring your weapon.

It’s that time again, time for another Community Playdate. We had such a blast playing Bad Company 2 in our last playdate that we thought, we have to do this again – soon!

This Sunday, August 15th at 8pm EST (5pm PST) we will be playing Crackdown 2. That means, time to get your best rocket launcher, get your jumping boots on & have an awesome time. Also if you play with us, we have some pretty sweet Crackdown 2 related goodies to send to several players!

If you’re a Gold Member (if not, upgrade now!), send a friend request or an invite to these gamertags:

If you get a chance to play with us from Platform Nation, the folks at want to hear all about it! will be posting recaps from gamers all across the country. So send them & us an email at [email protected] with the subject: “Community Playdate – Platform Nation.” Be sure to include your gamertag and home town!

Do us a favor too, if you do join us or if you plan on it, write your XBL GT below in the comment section, this will just make it easier to get a hold of those that win prizes, thanks everyone!

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  • Very cool — wish I had crackdown 2.. I’d so be in on this

  • So wish I could make it but you will see very soon why I couldn’t.

  • @Steve I’m intrigued!

  • Cormac

    Hey, I sent e of you guys a friend request. Can’t wait to cause havoc!
    P.S-For the prizes: My gamertag is

    P H A 7V T 0 M

    (The O is a zero!)

  • arctic00

    Crackdown 2 games are prizes for the Crackdown 2 community playdate?


    I sent a request to some of you guys. Never done this community playdate thing so i’m a little confused. Totally would love to be a part of this though! My GT is THEJORRRG
    Thanks guys!


    I’m still torn on whether to join in on this or watch Summerslam myself, but if I do join in, my gamertag is MistahGLOSS. I’d love to win a copy of Crackdown 2 for my friend, he just got a 360 again after having his last one red ring out of warranty a year ago, and I’d love the opportunity to punch him off a building again like the good old days of Crackdown 1…

  • Ryan

    Wee Ry01 🙂

  • I am so in on this GT naminlights

  • Hey team, just picked up my copy of Crackdown 2. Definitely about to be in the mix tonight! StylelessKnave is my gamertag.

  • GT: Wallless Fury!

  • Neil

    Wish I could play wth you guys, but I don’t own Crackdown 2 🙁
    Have fun guys 🙂
    GT: Agentcoop

  • GT: Codebytes

  • In as “Get Kancer” Having hella fun!

  • GT: Get Kancer

    sorry wanted to register quick :p

  • Roc Boy374

    IM IN!!!
    My GT is Roc Boy374!!
    Hometown Cypress, Texas

  • Awesome playing with everyone tonight! Rocket Tag freakin’ rocks.

  • I must say, even though we had some problems getting the playdate out there and noticed, we had a decent turn out. It was a lot of fun.

  • I had my mic turned off while playing because I was laughing so hard. Rocket tag is hilarious.


    Doesn’t it? Its crazy!

  • Daniel Brookes

    Deadmn V3. Really enjoyed paying!

  • XBL: Arte Venture

    Way to go guys!

  • Armag01

    Yo that was an awsome time chillin with you guys.

    Armag01, dont forget that.


    Did you guys get my E-mail?

  • naminlights

    It was my 1st gamer night. Loved the rocket tag. do more again soon.