Review: Pro Zombie Soccer

pro-zombie-soccer-logoZombies, zombies everywhere, and not a brain to eat.

We received a review code for Pro Zombie Soccer, a new iPhone game from Chillingo, and I decided to kick it around for a bit. And while the graphics and soundtrack are something special, it’s a fairly boilerplate shooter that takes some time to grow on you.

After a lenghty comic book intro explaining the story, the game begins.

It’s simple enough. You are a soccer player standing on the left side of the screen trying to fend off the zombies coming at you from the right. It plays like a horizontal Space Invaders or Galaga, but your shooter remains stationary. Press down on the left side of the screen and slide your finger up and down to aim at the oncoming waves of zombies. If you hold down on the screen, the ball will power up for a harder shot. Some zombies only take one hit, while others take two or more. Headshots get you bonus points as does the dreaded “nut shot.”

The ball always comes right back to your feet after it hits an enemy or the edge of the screen, usually pretty quickly, too, so you can keep on shooting. There are power ups and special weapons as the game progresses, doing things like slowing down time, giving you a ball that cuts through the zombies like butter, and a calling in a satellite air strike. The object is to clear out the level and advance to the next. Comic book cutscenes appear after each set of levels to tell the tale.

There is some fun variety in the game, like zombies coming out of the ground like Whack-a-Moles, zombies with shields, and the like, but for the most part it does get quite repetitive after a while. In actuality, you could have replaced the soccer soccer aspect of the game with hockey, golf, archery — anything in which you could shoot something — and the game would remain the same.

I had more fun playing Pro Zombie Soccer the second time I played it for some reason. Maybe I just needed to give it more time to grow on me. I do gotta give it up for the graphics and the soundtrack though — they are both top notch.

Zombie Pro Soccer
iPhone (also available for the iPad)
$2.99 on App Store

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