The Secret Fun Of Video Games

Do you remember the first secret you unlocked in a game? Now I don’t mean achievements, or trophies but the “hard to unlock, gotta be the right time of day, lucky shirt and underwear kind of secret?” The kind of hidden discoveries that when you find them, you go out and quickly post on the message boards to be first to find out. Where ever you and others talk games. The proverbial ‘Easter Eggs” from the Video Game Easter Bunny, hidden characters and secret codes, random encounters and the the finest weapons and armor your friends have never seen. There is no doubt that the secrets in video games are one of the best things about video games.

This was going to be a top ten list, but the more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to write about a few exciting secrets I myself came across while playing video games.

I remember the first “secret” that I came across while playing a video game was the “Noob Saibot” character in Mortal Kombat II. After playing for several, several rounds (with an invincible second player) rightfully earning ‘Perfects’ left and right, until being confronted by Noob Saibot after the 50th round.

It was a one sided fight, with MKII’s computer besting me each time I’d reach it. And even though I continued to loose, simply knowing this secret character was available to play against, and the feeling that in my young seven year old world of cartoons and video games that I was the only person who knew about this black palette swapped ninja was one of the greatest gaming feelings I’ve ever had. This is comparable to kids finding Reptile back in the first Mortal Kombat game on The Pit. The excitement levels were through the roof. And I believe that the urge and want to find new secrets drives gamers today to go back and play old games, and thoroughly explore new ones for these hidden treasures.

Secret characters, and hidden findings add another level of enjoyment and replay value to search for new things in video games. Which is always wonderful for us the gamers. What are some of your most memorable secrets that you have found?

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  • Alexandre


    I had some moments like that too.
    One of them was being amazed in Metal Gear Solid 1, when I took a picture of some corner with the Camera item, and saw a ghost in the shot.

    Later I found out that it was one of the many game’s developers’ ghosts, which were scattered around the game.