Mionix Naos 5000 Gaming Mouse (Review)

Today for review Platform Nation is proud to bring you the latest in PC gaming mice say hello to the

Mionix Naos 5000

Priced at 90 dollars the sticker shock may make you want to back away thinking your Logitech mouse will do the job. 2 years ago I would have been in the select group that saw no reason for spending money on expensive extras. Running through Counter Strike and Team Fortress with nothing but a factory Gateway mouse was good enough for me. Mionix has showed me the error of my ways about a gaming mouse though. Never will I go back to my old mouse when a win is on the line the Naos gave me the most precise control I could ask for.


Mionix has packaged the Naos 5000 in the widely popular ‘flip-box’, displaying an image and basic information on the front, which flips back to reveal the actual product encased in plastic. On the backside of the lid, you’ll find a little more information on the origins of the Naos. Opening up the box reveals a very simplistic layout. Just a small tin and the mouse itself. The cabling is hidden under the top flap of the insert, which is made from a similar quality cardboard to the main packaging. Taking everything out we can get a good look at the ergonomic design and the gold-plated USB cable most would expect this at a high price tag.

Why the name Naos??

This prominent gaming mouse is named after the star Naos, a blue super giant and one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. Naos means “ship” and is enough powerful to create comet tails and huge clouds of auroras visible from Earth. Naos is constantly moving away from its original position in the constellation of Vela and it spins about 100 times faster than our sun. Since its birth it has covered a distance of 400 light-years. No one knows exactly why Naos has such a high rotation speed, but an explanation to this phenomenon lies in the gravitational interaction between many other stars.

Why should you buy the Naos 5000?

• Truly ergonomic design
• Grip friendly rubber coating
• 7 buttons (7 programmable)
• 3 steps in-game dpi adjustment
• In-game profile switch
• Configurable dpi up to 5040 dpi
• 6 integrated LEDs
• Adjustable polling rate
• 128 kb built-in memory
• Large teflon feet
• Balanced weight tuning system (up to 40 gr)
• Gold-plated USB connection
• Full speed USB 2.0 with Plug n Play
• Cable length: 2 m (braided for durability)
• Compatible with all kinds of surfaces

Naos’s left hand side contains the forward and back buttons we’re used to, oversized on the right hand side makes for a good rest for your hand. Lucky for those that like to use the whole hand and not just 2 fingers this mouse perfectly accomodates that. DPI adjustment is set with the middle two arrow buttons, this can be performed on the fly. Don’t worry about hitting them during a sniper fight though as the buttons seem microscopic compared to the surface of the mouse. Indicator lights show which setting the mouse is currently on never leaving you to play the guessing game.

Packed full of features, the Naos 5000 is an ergonomic design that builds on the success of the Saiph. Making the mouse wider than the Saiph giving support for all five fingers, making it perfect for gamers who like a palm grip. Rubber covering the whole mouse ensures better grip during those intense moments. Naos has a feature unique to this particular mouse. (S.Q.A.T) Standing for Surface Quality Analyzer Tool, the Naos measures the tracking quality of the surface its being used on. This allows you to test your mouse pad or desk surface and make sure you don’t have any tracking issues with a poor surface. You say you like lights how about Six LEDs that are responsible for lighting up the scrollwheel, DPI buttons, DPI indicators and the logo. You can choose which of the LEDs are lit and specify the colour from any of 24 shades.

• 5040 dpi gaming laser sensor
• S.Q.A.T™ – Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
• Adjustable lift distance
• 1 ms response time
• 12 000 frames/sec
• Tracking speed: 5.1 m/sec (200 ips)
• 10.6 megapixels/sec image processing
• Acceleration: 30 g
• 40 000 Hz sampling rate
• True 16-bit data path

Underneath the mouse contains one of the better designed weight mounting system. Weights normally are located on the side of the mouse, by having them on either side of the central sensor should ensure a nice balance. Removing the bottom weight covers require pushing the bottom latches forward. Initially this appears to do nothing, but once you’ve popped them the first time they become much easier to remove. Although this isn’t to say they ever become loose, they certainly don’t. Rather the tolerances used in construction as so fine that it needs to be popped once to free it a little. Then away you go now able to add weights each little weight is 5g with the ability to max out a 40g.

One great thing about the Naos is the option for plug-and-play right out of the box no pesky drivers to install. Though if you like to tweak and work settings out to your liking Mionix does offer you some downloads right on their website. Mouse enthusiast/gamers/customize fanatics all should enjoy the option to custom fit a profile to their style of game play.

Well how does it perform?

I decided to test the mouse against some different game types…


Counter Strike

Serious Sam (Demo)

Mafia 2 (Demo)

Team Fortress

The Ship

Left 4 Dead

Arma 2 (Demo)

Each game presented a unique option to try out the different DPI settings while some were better at high settings low worked much better for others. Arma 2 even on the lowest DPI setting required me to turn down the mouse sensitivity to 1. Fast paced shooters Left 4 Dead and Counter strike felt blazing with the higher DPI. Serious Sam and The Ship worked best for me in the mid-range DPI. Gamers have the option to control how they play the game either with a lightning like motion or more slow and steady wins the race style.

My final say on the Mionix Naos 5000….

If you have the money to purchase a new mouse the Naos 5000 will keep you in the game for a long time to come. Great features plus ease of use make the mouse simple to plug in and go. Overall design is perfectly crafted the mouse doesn’t feel cheesy or cheaply made. Added features like the LEDs, braided cord and extra wide hand rest make for a nice touch. If you get the chance to get your hands on one and enjoy a good game on the PC you would be crazy not to pick this mouse up.

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