Platform Nation Goes To SummerSlam

We are busting into SummerSlam tomorrow night for an awesome community event that THQ was nice enough to invite us to. THQ invited Platform Nation and several other community game sites to check out their upcoming WWE wrestling game, Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

Speaking of Smackdown vs Raw 2011, if any of you have any questions about the game, now is the time to ask! I’ll be talking to the people actually making the game and if you want your questions, concerns, or even thoughts on the game heard, let me know them and I’ll be more then happy to pass them along. New game modes, DLC, achievements, anything and everything, if you guys ask me or let me know what you think, I’ll let those that are making the game know.

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  • james styles

    will svr 2011 have superstar thread

    • it most likey hve it lol

  • Jerry

    I have a bunch of quesstions,will there be General Manager mode?
    How much superstars will be playable this year?
    What are some new game types? (such as inferno match, buried alive match, ect…)
    Can this year’s career mode last 24/7?

  • will there be a create ab arena in the game and also will there be a better caw RTWM this year

    and also would NXT arena be in the game

  • BJ Racine

    hey is there going to b that wwe universe mode where u r the chairman u make the arenas the ppl the rosters and stuff like that? and also do u knw any achievements?
    thanks just email me at

  • 1st thank you so much for giving us this opportunity
    1- How many divas are there?
    2- Can we create championship entrances?
    3- Can we create championships?
    4- How many rode to wrestle mania are there?
    5- Are there 8-men/10-men tag team matches?
    6- Can divas play in more than just 4-men tag matches?
    7- Is the hell in a cell larger?
    8- Can we get chairs and stuff in hell in a match?
    9- How many divas RTWM will there be?
    Thank you so much!
    Hope to hear the answers soon

  • Tyrell

    Will Mickie james be in the game

  • This is so cool. It’s nice to see people recognizing P*N. Do us proud Steve!

  • Hassan

    will story mode have better changes, cutscenes, will the 50 max limit go away? and will we be able to actaully have the crowd cheer when someone interups a promo. (the feature of two sounds)

  • Darren Johnson

    Will HBK be in the game? Also will there be an i quit match and a special referee match?

  • Darren Johnson

    When will there be a demo on PSN?

  • here are some questions I would like asked…

    #1: Past installments of SvR did not deliver on DLC, will there be DLC on SvR 11?

    #2: will there be new match types? What will they be?

    #3: Will we see legends in SvR 11?

    #4: will we see new creation tools such as create a belt?

    #5: Will we be able to edit downloaded creations from the community? Not being able to edit them was a major downfall.

    #6: SvR 2009 has a better variety of cheats, and SvR 10 didn’t have much at all. Will we see a better selection of cheats?

  • Kevin

    I wonder if Mickie James is going to be in svr 11 ?

  • hellodb

    Will there be a “Stretcher Match” in 2011?

  • Bill Taylor

    Will the special referee match be available as a playable match outside of Road to Wrestlemania this year?

  • deandre
  • Nick

    What are the 4 new modes? I heard that there was going to be 4 new modes in this years game.

  • Will the Nexus be in the game?