Gaming Confessions: Guys or Girls

This confession is a little strange and stems from years of playing games. The title is a little misleading; I’m not confessing to being gay or bisexual (not that I have anything against people who are). This is simply about male and female characters in games.

Whenever possible, I will select or create a female character in a game, at least for the first playthrough. Before you ask, no I am not confused about my sexuality nor do I think that I am a women trapped in a man’s body. The reason I do this stems from hours playing CodeMasters Micro Machines games that appeared on the Sega Mega Drive (that’s the Genesis to the American Audience) Whenever I played with friends (it was their game) they would take all the good characters and ultimately left me with Violet one of the girl characters in the game. Thankfully Violet (Just a piece of useless trivia here, Violet was named in Tribute to Violet Berlin) was actually one of the fastest characters available in the game and I believe she was only second to Spider.

This meant from a youngish age I got the impression that the female characters were favoured over the male.

This continued with other games, I picked Chun Li in Street Fighter and Sonya in Mortal Kombat. As I got older I continued using female characters. I had Selphie and Riona  in Final Fantasy VIII, Yuna and Rikku in Final Fantasy X. Tali and Ashley in Mass Effect as well as a female Shepard. Although this was also due to Jennifer Hale who did a much better job as Commander Shepard than her male counterpart.

At some point, I can’t say exactly when for sure it became obvious that the female characters did not get the instant bonus that I once thought they did. However I still continue to use the female characters for an entirely different reason.

Today my reason is simple, most the games that I play will require hours of my time which means staring at the same high definition screen for hours on end. So what would you prefer to spend your time looking at? Marcus’ sweaty and I’ll assume hairy ass in Gears of War,

or Ashley in Mass Effect?

Perhaps I have put too much thought into this, but I can’t be the only one in the whole world that does this? Am I really that strange?  I guess I am.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    My Rock Band 2 character is a girl. She’s fun to look at. Plus she looks hot in black leather with pink trim. 🙂

  • Germeh

    I always pick a female character also. Pretty much for the exact same reason, they look better. And they usually get a larger variety of clothing/costume options.

  • Bazinga

    Totally agree, they definitely look better and it’s just awesome!

    also ‘nor do I think that I am a women trapped in a man’s body.’ made me LOL 🙂

  • Well I’m a girl and when I play video games (I think one guy reading this just fainted) I always pick the female characters if they’re available simply because they rarely are. Almost every game features a male protagonist, leaving no room for a female led story and so I think it’s lovely occasion when I can pick someone who represents me.