Monday Night Combat: Support Class

I have had brief forays into Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and several other online FPS games, but none have satisfied me like Monday Night Combat. The graphics are smooth and simple, the announcer is helpful and funny, and the unique character classes offer several playstyles.

In competitive games like this, you always have more fun when you dominate; no one likes having 3 kills and 20 deaths. I have played as all six classes in MNC and have had boundless success with one class in particular. I love having games of 19 kills and 0 deaths then hearing the 12 year-olds cry and complain. Ironically, no class excels more at this than the Support class.

Support, characterized by the Italian accent and spiked hair, has three very strong abilities at his disposal. Not only is he the only class with a discernible full head of hair (tank, gunner, and assault are all bald), but his main weapon can heal and hurt! Right trigger heals your bots and allies while left trigger drains enemy health and transfers it to you. In addition, you don’t even need to aim; the beam is attracted to the nearest enemy/ally depending on your desire to heal or hurt. This is incredibly useful when fighting the nimble assassin and sniper at close range. You can trigger your hurt gun then run circles around the enemy while they struggle to get you in their crosshairs. Laugh as their life drains away! I wouldn’t recommend this strategy against the more robust classes unless you set up your Firebase turret nearby.

Yes, you can heal your Firebase turret without looking.

You will want to use your Firebase and Hack skills in unison. Toss your turret behind a wall and Hack it to improve the range and rate of fire. Pop out of your homemade base and lure an enemy around the corner, only to be greeted by the potent combination of hurt gun and Firebase! This is a great way to take down any pursuing enemy, especially the deadly assassin. Support can survive an assassin’s grapple attack from the front; if your turret is in range, the assassin will be shot the duration of the grapple animation and probably die as soon as you are released.

The MNC Mascot is three seconds away from being the next Air Strike victim.

Last but certainly not least, the Air Strike. Support tosses a beacon that sticks to the first thing it touches and a deadly bomb rains down a few seconds later. This is the great equalizer against a ranged or elevated attacker. Utilizing the Support’s NFL-level arm, toss the beacon below an enemy on a bridge or high platform. The Air Strike indicator will be invisible to them as the beacon is planted underneath their feet. A few seconds later, the bomb comes straight down on their unsuspecting head. Classic.

Support with his trusty sidekick

As if this wasn’t enough, Support boasts an amazing secondary weapon: the shotgun. A weapon we all know and love, this baby delivers that little extra for when your hurt gun just isn’t enough. The shotgun really shines when two Supports are very slowly draining each other with the hurt gun; it often comes down to whoever is first one to bust out Mr. Boomstick.

I insist that you at least download the demo to check this out. The demo offers complete access to every aspect of the game for a full 30 minutes. If you run into VastManatee, pray that you end up on the same team or risk an Air Strike directly to the head.

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