PAX 2010 And Platform Nation!

Its almost that time of year when gamers from around the globe gather for 3 days of video game goodness at this years Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, and without a doubt Platform Nation will be there to represent for the best community around. Our main man Steve519, and our other Big Man Scott aka WCC5723  and PN staff Jeremiah Hill, D Smitty, Chiahippo along with myself (GUI J) will be giving the show a go through,  letting you know whats happening as it happens. If you cant be there make sure to check back at Platform Nation for all the inside updates, but if you plan on being there make sure to send a twitter to @Platform_Nation so we can get together for a pint or 2. Anyhooo we hope to see you there, and here is a little sample of last years oddness that occurs?!?! “WARNING!!!!” There are a few swear words…but its not our fault..really.

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  • Looks like you guys will have a great time. Make more vids like this for 2010 lol

  • DDSmitty

    I’m definitely looking forward to it!

  • Will Makeflicks

    Damn, I remember trying to record this, and that guy smelled liked open @ass and skunked nanny-lite. Of course i didn’t say anything to him, because he was fresh out the sing-sing on his way to a job interview, and I didn’t feel like getting shanked.

    I should have switched seats with Steve519.

    Sorry I can’t be there with you guys this year. Have fun at PAX!

    oh, and Steve519, do me a favor and slap the shit out of GUIJ as soon as you see him. haha