P*N Community Playdate Highlights – Crackdown 2

So last night we at Platform Nation had ourselves a little date with Crackdown 2, yes we had a Community Playdate. So the Platform Nation staff joined forces with the community and had one hell of great time – and by great, I mean awesome! We also had some prizes to give out to several players that joined us. We will be getting in contact with some of you that joined us very shortly.

So do you want to watch us creating absolute havoc? Hell yes you do! Send your thanks to our very own Gemini Ace because he was kind enough to record a few games from the playdate and all the glorious explosions just for you to enjoy. So without further ado, check the videos out below and see what a couple of people said on Twitter right after the playdate.

@Kancer on Twitter said: “Just finished playing some Rocket Tag in Crackdown 2 with the crew of @Platform_Nation. Was hella fun.”

@Jonny_Tango on Twitter said: “Just finished up playing with some great people at the @Platform_Nation Community Game Night on #CrackDown2, and I had a blast!”

Also be warned, a massive amount of rockets were used in the making of these films but no Agent was harmed. Enjoy!

Do us a favor too, if you did play with us last night, send an email letting them know how much of an awesome time you had. will be posting recaps from gamers all across the country. So send them an email at [email protected] with the subject: “Community Playdate – Platform Nation.” Be sure to include your gamertag and home town!

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  • Awesome, good work Rane! Was hoping someone would record some matches. It’s missing the conversation which was a huge part of the fun as well but the gameplay itself shows a good amount of the fun we had.

    • I agree, hats off to Rane. The convos made the night and so did all those rockets. Damn it was too much fun lol

  • I wish I could get all the talking because it was great! Alas, I’m not the technical wizard like Steve is.

  • Great stuff. Wish I could have been there!

  • It was a great time. I cant wait to play with these guys again.

  • Another great Game Night. Can’t wait for future Halo: Reach game nights! Yet, all P*N game nights are a good time.