Grip-iT Review

Review: Grip-iT
Released: July 2010 (in US)
Maker: CompuExpert
MSRP: $4.99

If you’re like me and you play a lot of video games – mostly on the Xbox 360 – chances are the grip on your analog sticks are worn down. What are you to do? New controllers are expensive and if the controller works fine otherwise, why buy a new controller just for grip? Well with a new product called Grip-iT, you can get all new grip for your analog stick without buying a new controller or replacing the analog sticks like you would with another product from KontrolFreeks.

I’ll start off by saying these little things work great. I was a little skeptical at first but once you try them, you don’t want to take them off. Grip-iTs are essentially a little grip cover that you slide over the top of the analog stick. There are very clear instructions on the back of the packaging making the whole process quite easy. What you do is you turn them inside out, place them on the center of each analog stick and push them down over the top of the analog stick. It may take a few tries to get it on all the way around but you should get most of it requiring you to only add a little pressure to one side and sliding it over the uncovered edge. The nice thing about these is they are small and add very little height to the analog stick. Actually after a little bit they even sort of mold to the shape on the analog stick such as to the indent on the Xbox 360 controller. With the little raised frog print design on the front, you really feel the no slip comfort and grip. If you decide to remove the Grip-iTs or need to replace them, they are just as easy to remove as it was to attach them.

Each package contains 2 sets of Grip-iTs which are blue and black. As well, each set works for either the Xbox 360 or PS3 controller. Infact, they even fit on old Xbox and PS2 controllers if you still use them and decide you need more grip for those controllers. Apparently they can even be used on the Wii’s nunchuck analog stick but I forgot to even check that out or maybe there is a separate product for the Wii?

Since my grip on my Xbox 360 analog sticks have been worn down for quite a few months, I decided to immediately start playing a few different games across multiple genres on the Xbox 360 to see how well my game improved with the Grip-iTs attached. I played some Monday Night Combat, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, ‘Splosion Man, Crackdown 2, and of course the two big first person shooters Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3. Over on the PS3 side, my analog sticks are still good but then again, my PS3 is fairly new as I only bought it this past January. I only had time to try some Killzone 2 and I also felt first person shooter fans will most likely benefit from Grip-iTs the most for precision and accuracy. In all games, I definitely felt more control when steering, moving or aiming. My thumbs were no longer slipping off the stick. The sticks still function like they normally would so don’t worry Halo fans, you can still teabag with ease.

My final thoughts:

Overall, within my one week of use, I had a great experience with the Grip-iTs. They are really easy to put on the analog sticks. Although there were some minor adjustments for getting it straight once they were are on, they stay on and don’t fall off while playing. Of course, the important thing about them is how well they help your control in game. With my little dots gone on my Xbox 360 controller as well as being an FPS and Halo fan seeing the release of Halo: Reach in the not too distant future, now was the perfect time to try these out. I couldn’t be happier; my aim was much better and I never had a moment where my thumb would slip off the controller during long distance sniper fights or mid range BR battles. In the end, if you are like me and have a good working controller but need better grip to improve your game, Grip-iT is a cheaper and wise alternate to buying a new controller. With 4 covers in the package that will work on the Xbox 360, PS3 and even past controllers, $4.99 is a great deal for those looking to gain that competitive edge online.

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